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Streaming Goodness : Firewatch

The giveaway was a screaming success.
I had fun, the viewers had fun. We had two lucky winners.

I made the entire show available on Youtube. Go watch it now, and do not forget to subscribe. Also give me a follow on twitch because more giveaways are on the horizon!
And it will keep you posted when I am live.

Next giveaway will be a little game called :  The division!

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I am curious about this game.
It doesn’t give you much to go on. You are a recently divorced man named Henry. You have burned your bridges and have come to this vast wilderness of nothingness to prevent fires.

That is the premise the developers give you. But from the 34 minutes of gameplay IGN has shown us, we know that there are some mysteries surrounding you in this place.

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Hearthstone: How not to play it.

Alright, let me be honest. I suck at hearthstone.
I have the luck of the number 13 crossing a herd of black cats while breaking a department store full of mirrors. So chances are high that the card I need badly won’t come up. Nevertheless I love playing it. It looks and feels very inviting.
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Diablo 3: Reaper of souls

With this new patch 2.3, there is the introduction of the Kanai’s cube, a pimped version of the Horadric’s cube.
This cube serves as a new artisan, and comes with force ghost Zoltun Kule… yes the guy you killed in Act 2. I managed to get one, as you can see in the video below. I also had a chance to fiddle with it, destroying a piece of set gear in the progress… whoops.  As it turns out this transmuting is irreversible so you should be careful.