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2 weeks notice – The witcher 3 : Wild Hunt

I know it seems a bit arrogant to claim that I am a writer. That, me writing the thoughts I have running around in my mind, makes me a writer. I am more an aspirant blogger, making my first baby steps in to the vast world of gaming journalism. But I am getting there, and the Witcher 3 is making me advance to the next level.

The game cannot be explained with 900 words I usually use for a review. The world is so incredibly huge, with too many nooks and crannies, and I am not even speaking of the vast catalog of enemies to kill.

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Day Z – Helldivers

Welcome to this Day Z review. I just picked up Helldivers and I’m excited to tell you all about that new game smell and feel. 

I stumbled upon Helldivers while searching for a fun game to do with my girlfriend.

You know, a dreary Saturday evening, nothing on the TV, and she says:

“Hey hun, lets play some games on your PS4. Can we play that fighting game… what’s it called? Injustice?”

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