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No man’s sky

There is no doubt in my mind that No Man’s Sky (release: June 2016) will be the most surprising game of this year.
This game is so different from what we know, it has been developed and at the same time it has not.

They made some sort of divine code and let it loose to create a universe. Literally! It’s a game created by laws setup in advance, which alsmost makes it more  of a science project than game developing, and the Valhalla for biologists.

The universe in this game is so big that, we the players will never be able to discover all of it, even if we spend our entire lifetime on it.
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Day Z – Ori and the Blind Forest

My first few steps and jumps with Ori and the Blind Forest. 

The moment I start the game and enter the menu screen for the first time I immediately stop and stare. There’s trees slowly moving in the wind, some mountains and a very large strange tree in the distance. Combine that image with a beautiful soundtrack and you’ve really got my attention. But as soon as you press to play the sky changes from a friendly light blue to a menacing darkness. A big vortex upsets the trees and sucks you towards the big tree in the distance and into a story.

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