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Day B : Star wars battlefront beta

As this is a beta and all, and the game is still in development I will be mild in my concerns.

If you had a Nvidia card like myself you may have some problems with the game using your graphics card. As in it completely ignored it.
Making the game impossible to play. Found no help on this whatsoever on the clusterfuck of topics that is the new EA technical support site.
I found this site to be helpful, but what really helped fixing my problem was downloading the “game ready” driver from Nvidia. Don’t bother looking for it on the site, that will be a nightmare. Just download Geforce experience and install it from there.

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Star Wars Battlefront Beta

Today is the day, one of the most anticipated games this year is having a beta from this day till monday.
of course they planned it in a weekend when i don’t have time. BUT! thursday and friday will be all about star wars battlefront..
well.. all day? I still have to work, but the evenings, oh man blaster fire and ewoks all the way.

Star Wars battlefront is set in the star wars universe if that wasn’t obvious for you.  And follows the gameplay of the battlefield serie.
Meaning massive battles on a huge scale, using anything from troopers to x-wings and tie-fighters. Also there seems to be a oppurtunity to play as a key figure from the star wars universe (Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Boba Fett has been hinted)

Follow me tonight on my stream, while we will blast the living midichlorians out of some rebels!