The Hangover – Helldivers

Welcome to the second review of Helldivers. This review is to tell you what I feel about this game after a couple of days of playing. Or what we call: The Hangover.

HOLY fucking god! Helldivers, what a game it is.
‘Pure chaos’ is the only description it needs and deserves.

Pure chaos isn’t necessarily a good thing. Yes, the game is great I love the concept, tactical survival shooter and if you follow the rules it is a very entertaining game to play with 3 friends on the couch or online. And if well coordinated it can be very rewarding.

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Day Z – Helldivers

Welcome to this Day Z review. I just picked up Helldivers and I’m excited to tell you all about that new game smell and feel

I stumbled upon Helldivers while searching for a fun game to do with my girlfriend.

You know, a dreary Saturday evening, nothing on the TV, and she says:

“Hey hun, lets play some games on your PS4. Can we play that fighting game… what’s it called? Injustice?”

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Day Z – Cities: Skylines

Welcome to this first Day Z review of our blog. I just picked up Cities: Skylines and I’m excited to tell you all about that new game smell and feel

I don’t remember how old I was when I first played the mother of all city builder games: Sim City. Where Sim City was the start of a legacy, it wasn’t until Sim City 2000 when I started playing it.

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