Streaming Goodness : Firewatch

The giveaway was a screaming success.
I had fun, the viewers had fun. We had two lucky winners.

I made the entire show available on Youtube. Go watch it now, and do not forget to subscribe. Also give me a follow on twitch because more giveaways are on the horizon!
And it will keep you posted when I am live.

Next giveaway will be a little game called :  The division!

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Story telling unlocked: The Last Of Us

The Last Of Us and the graduation of video games.

The late, great Roger Ebert once wrote that he believed video games could never be considered art. While I never agreed with that statement, I could see where he, as a film critic, was coming from. From a narrative point of view, video games are by and large two-dimensional endeavors, with plots designed to move the player from one action set piece to another. Just play any Mortal Kombat game’s story mode to see what I mean.

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Dark souls 3 : Some gameplay

Dark Souls 3 people! I know, I am hyped as copulation. The release is on the 12th of April this year (that is 2016 you future readers). At first I promised myself to wait till all the DLC’s were available, and buy the game as an Ultimate Edition. But after seeing the trailer, apart from the clearly insane Asian people in the background – Come on… really, you applaud in perfect sync to that? – this video makes my gamer senses tingle. Continue reading Dark souls 3 : Some gameplay

Diablo 3: Why in heavens name am I still playing?

Why, for the love of the flying spaghetti monster, am I still playing Diablo 3? A game that’s almost 4 years old. And not only am I playing it, I’m apparently still enjoying it. You want proof? Go watch my previous streams. Every time they patch it and a new season starts, I’m playing as it is a new installment. But why? As I previously stated, I hated Diablo 3 when it first saw the light of day. How can it be I’m now enjoying it so… very MUCH? That question I want to answer in this piece. Take my hand as we frolic through the demon invested plains of Sanctuary.

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I am curious about this game.
It doesn’t give you much to go on. You are a recently divorced man named Henry. You have burned your bridges and have come to this vast wilderness of nothingness to prevent fires.

That is the premise the developers give you. But from the 34 minutes of gameplay IGN has shown us, we know that there are some mysteries surrounding you in this place.

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No man’s sky

There is no doubt in my mind that No Man’s Sky (release: June 2016) will be the most surprising game of this year.
This game is so different from what we know, it has been developed and at the same time it has not.

They made some sort of divine code and let it loose to create a universe. Literally! It’s a game created by laws setup in advance, which alsmost makes it more  of a science project than game developing, and the Valhalla for biologists.

The universe in this game is so big that, we the players will never be able to discover all of it, even if we spend our entire lifetime on it.
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Your top 3 games this year!

Hello, 2016 my friend, great to finally meet you!

It seems that 2016 will be a great year for gamers.
So this post is filled with trailers of the games you should look out for this year. Also a “little” poll is attached!

(Below the poll are the trailers, for reference purposes :))

Pick your 3 favorite games for this year!

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