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Story telling unlocked: The Last Of Us

The Last Of Us and the graduation of video games.

The late, great Roger Ebert once wrote that he believed video games could never be considered art. While I never agreed with that statement, I could see where he, as a film critic, was coming from. From a narrative point of view, video games are by and large two-dimensional endeavors, with plots designed to move the player from one action set piece to another. Just play any Mortal Kombat game’s story mode to see what I mean.

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Diablo 3: Why in heavens name am I still playing?

Why, for the love of the flying spaghetti monster, am I still playing Diablo 3? A game that’s almost 4 years old. And not only am I playing it, I’m apparently still enjoying it. You want proof? Go watch my previous streams. Every time they patch it and a new season starts, I’m playing as it is a new installment.¬†But why? As I previously stated,¬†I hated Diablo 3 when it first saw the light of day. How can it be I’m now enjoying it so… very MUCH? That question I want to answer in this piece. Take my hand as we frolic through the demon invested plains of Sanctuary.

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Iron Man Challenge

With Legion being months away from release, and me just being bored in tanaan grinding Dailies. I started to wander on YouTube looking at some gameplay movies of world of warcraft.
When I stumbled upon the Lazy Peon youtube channel. He did something called the Iron Man challenge. At first I thought he was doing the Iron man achievement, which you can get in warsong gulch.
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Day Z – Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat!!!!!! In true 90s hardcore trance style voice. 
Welcome to the DAY Z review of Mortal Kombat X.

When the first Mortal Kombat came out all the way back in 1992¬†my old folks made sure I did not play that game at all. Internet wasn’t a thing. All I had were the articles in Nintendo power,¬†a couple of¬†screens and hearsay from friends who had friends we were friends with kids who saw the game while playing at a friends house. It was an obscure game; A myth.
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The Revisiting – Star wars: The Old Republic

The revisiting, games of the past I stopped playing. but for some reason have rekindled my interest. Welcome to the very first Revisiting.

Star wars the old republic, or Swtor.
is a mmo (Massively Multiplayer Online) made by Bioware and the company formerly known as Lucasarts. Bioware was responseble for the RPG; The knights of the old republic. A game which took place 10.000 years before the battle of Yavin 4, or in laymen terms “A long time ago in a galaxy far away”.¬†
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