Enter the Gungeon

What do you get if you cross Dark Souls with a dungeon crawler like Zelda? Also, what if you hate swords and think that a gun that shoots pens is way mightier then the sword?

Congratulations, if you thought: Enter the Gungeon!

You are a gungeoneer, traversing the gungeon; a multi-floor dungeon filled to the brim with guns. The grand prize? A gun that can kill time. If that sounds like a far fetched idea, then you haven’t got a clue what to expect of the weaponry in this game. There are a shit ton of guns. From some normal guns, like pistols and machine guns, to the more exotic ones like the blunderbuss or the RPG. And then there are clearly insane ones like a shot-bow: a combination of a shotgun and a crossbow, the stinger: a rocket propelled weapon that uses bees as ammo, a barrel gun: that uses fish (get it 🙂 ) or a t-shirt cannonThe guns can be found in chests or can be purchased at a vendor for some hard earned shell cases.

The Dark Souls comparison is not misplaced, the developers even mentioned this in numerous interviews. They love that game series, just as much as they love to torture their clients. This game is hard; like catching a bullet with your mouth, while you don’t have any teeth, riding a unicycle on a cord above the Niagara falls that is filled with piranhas dressed as alligators, and being shot at by bullets dressed as bullets – hard.

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90 % of the time your screen will be filled by death in so many forms. Enemies, bullets, enemies dressed as bullets, lasers, explosives, falling furniture, innocent books ripped to shreds, not so innocent books exploding in your face, death traps filled with spikes, rolling spike thingy’s of doom, etc. And that are only the normal enemies, the bosses are stuff made of nightmares. So far I only encountered  6 different bosses. A king on a lead throne spraying bullets – the Bullet King, a pretty buffed bird with a gatling gun – the Gatling Gull,  two bullets: twins who are trigger happy – the Trigger Twins, an eyeball with a huge arsenal – the Beholster, a snake playing snake but with more bullets – the Ammoconda, and a medusa like poison creature…. with guns of course – the Gorgun. And when you die (because you will) you will lose all the loot you have earned, and you will have to start over. Locked away in the gungeon are previous adventurers who weren’t so lucky. These can be released by defeating bosses and finding master keys; they will help you getting to the treasure. These adventurers and some form of currency that are dropped by the bosses as wel, are the only things you won’t lose upon death.  The currency can be used to buy guns, which will have a greater chance of dropping in the gungeon floors below.

The game comes with a couch co-op mode; you know, when you need a friend to blame for your failure. And rumors say the developer are working on an online co-op.

The game is challenging enough for me to try and try again. So far I died like 35 times and every time it gives me something little but enough to let me feel the progression of getting better.
If you like seeing me die, watch this playlist of me screaming at my screen.

If you want to try your luck go over to Kinguin and buy this game at a discount. By buying the game using this link, you will support this website.

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