Guns, Gore & Cannoli

Myeh see,

We are going back to the great depression people! But with more zombies. GG&C is a homage to the old gangster movies, that and the arcade run & gun style of gaming.  

Let me just say immediately that GG&C isn’t a good game. This is due to some poor designer choices and the numerous bugs. But as this is a fairly new developer we can blame that on inexperience.

For example, the screen moves with the movement of the character. Meaning most of the time you will miss the action. If only they zoomed out a little and made it so that the screen only moved after you walked more past the center.  That would give the player a more clear overview of the action. Also sometimes they let your character move behind the scenery. In those moments you are completely blind to whatever goes down there, and you will die… a lot.

On the plus side, there is a great variety of enemies. Zombies (some slow, some fast) gangsters and the military. Also the arsenal you use to mow down these suckers is rather extensive. From a trusted pistol to an electric plasma gun, you know, the average 1920s stuff. Some of the enemies ask for a different choice of weapon blast in the face. So you have to cycle to the correct tool in under a second and if you are really unlucky you have to reload as well. Most of the time this means your face is being chewed off.

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Another thing is that some of the enemies/zombies and all bosses are fast as light. They’ll draw themselves to you like moths to a flame (or as zombies to a barrel of brains). But you are unable to run; ironic isn’t it. This run and gun game hasn’t a function for the character to RUN…

That said… the game looks amazing. The cartoon style gives you the experience that you are in a comic book. They have done this extremely well, and between you and me, the art is the only thing that made me finish this flawed game. I even enjoy the corny phrases whenever you kill a bunch of enemies.

But if you really want the game to be enjoyable, you should play it with 3 friends on the highest difficulty. This game is clearly made to be played with more then 1 player. It tends to be more balanced that way. So Final Verdict! The game is flawed when playing solo but moonshine worthy in couch co-op multiplayer.

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