Giveaway : Firewatch

I love new games.
But I also love to take care of my followers.

Therefore I will be giving 2 copies of Firewatch away this wednesday.

There is just one catch of course. We need to hit an amount of 100 followers.
Once we hit the 100 we will start the raffle.  What is a raffle you say?! 

Well loyal fans of my channel know that by watching my stream they earn doubloons. This is a channel currency you can use to request songs, play minigames like !quest (work in progress),  betting and buy items in auction.
But now I am giving my first ever giveaway. At the cost of 100 doubloons per ticket.

How do I earn doubloons? 
New followers gain 100 doubloons when they join, and then use these fresh doubloons to buy their first raffle ticket. More seasoned viewers have more points and can buy up to 5 tickets.

Once you used your doubloons to buy a ticket, you start at 0 doubloons. You can earn doubloons by watching my channel at a rate of 1 point per 5 minutes. Or you may give me a small donation which earns you 300 doubloons per 1 euro. Also when donating you enter a higher ranked doubloon earning stage.  5 euros will give you a ‘Quest regular’ rank. Which means you gain 15 doubloons per 5 minutes. Instead of the 1 per 5 minutes. The higher the donations the more doubloons you earn per 5 minutes:

/= $5.00 | doubloons + 3 Months Quest regular
/= $10.00 | doubloons + 3 Months Quest VIP-Silver
/= $15.00 | doubloons + 3 Months Quest VIP-Gold
Quest Regular = 15 doubloons // 5 Minutes
Quest VIP-Silver = 30 doubloons // 5 Minutes
Quest VIP-Gold = 45 doubloons // 5 Minutes

This gives my public who is supporting me, more power in reaping those rewards.

I will see you all this Wednesday on Following now will still earn you your 100 doubloons. Even when my channel is offline, because my channel bot isn’t.

Let the rewards be plenty!

Buy firewatch over at

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