Diablo 3: Why in heavens name am I still playing?

Why, for the love of the flying spaghetti monster, am I still playing Diablo 3? A game that’s almost 4 years old. And not only am I playing it, I’m apparently still enjoying it. You want proof? Go watch my previous streams. Every time they patch it and a new season starts, I’m playing as it is a new installment. But why? As I previously stated, I hated Diablo 3 when it first saw the light of day. How can it be I’m now enjoying it so… very MUCH? That question I want to answer in this piece. Take my hand as we frolic through the demon invested plains of Sanctuary.

A short history of Diablo 3

Diablo 3 was released in 2012 almost 11 years after the last new Diablo game, and that was an expansion (Lords of destruction) for the immensely popular Diablo 2. At launch the game was received with open arms by the public. Sure there were those who said that the game wasn’t dark enough. But who listens to them? There was blood, gore, new graphics, lush environments, no cow level (at first), destructible environments (some parts) so you could crush your enemies. I enjoyed it at first, but then the dreaded end game began. For some reason Blizzard always has a problem in coming up with a good end game. And why they came up with the real money auction house still remains a mystery (not really, IT WAS THE MONEYZ).

This killed the fun for me almost two weeks after the game came out. Why should I grind the story mode over and over again, for loot you can buy on the auction house? It was the dumbest designer choice since making a game controller which was basically just a pimped calculator

Present day

Much to my surprise was the fact that, just before the new expansion (Reaper of Souls), they announced that the auction house would be discontinued and they would implement a new fun way to grind loot. So the adventure mode came to existence. Like I said before, end game Diablo mostly consisted of grinding the story mode for better gear and the elusive materials to the staff of herding. There was a slimmed down version of a meta-level system called paragon, but that was capped at level 100. And that was it, Fun for just a select group of people, myself not included.
Now you have a choice: you can leave the story behind you and do some well rewarded bounties. The bounties are just tasks or quests as you will. Kill 100 of these, complete that event, kill Diablo. There are 5 bounties per act and when finished, you receive a cache of loot.

With every new patch/season they implemented something fresh: seasons, paragon levels, rifts, greater rifts, kanai’s cube and set dungeons all accompanied by newer items, tweaks to the spells, new mobs and sometimes new areas.

End Game

Like I said, you have bounties. Now, it can be a let down when you see you need to kill 150 mobs. But, unlike world of warcraft where I cried at quests that tell me to kill 15 moose: “Come on man! I am a bad ass warlock, twisting the demonic forces for my bidding. You want me to kill some chocolate moose? What is wrong with you!!!”, Diablo is all about hacking and slashing demons, and 150 isn’t that high of a number. And you will have fun doing it.

Once you hit level 70, you unlock the paragon level system (which is endless); each paragon will let you tweak something, either core, offense, defense, or utility.  You also have the ability to do greater rifts. These are stages filled with demons and those demons have their strength and health increased when you try to challenge higher levels. These greater rifts come in ranks, the higher the rank the harder the stage.
The way to beat these ranks is to acquire better gear, and a better paragon level.
The end game of Diablo 3 comes down to this:

  • You want better loot. Better loot can be rewarded to you in higher ranked Greater Rifts. The higher the level of the Greater Rift, the higher the chance that better loot drops.
  • You want to achieve those higher ranked Greater Rifts, because these achievements are posted on leader boards that everyone can see.
  • Intertwined with these is the Paragon system which can help you in both previous cases.
  • Bounties are a way to acquire unique crafting materials to upgrade your legendary items even further.

Are you not entertained?!

So you can see, the end game consists of 4 or even 5 (if you include achievement hunting) meta tasks which you can do simultaneously or one by one. Are you unable to beat that greater rift? Why not do some bounties and normal rifts to increase your paragon level and maybe get some better loot. You can always try that greater rift at a later time.

This works for me! I can not say it otherwise. My revisiting to Diablo 3 and its meta end game is in one word awesome! They really cleaned up their act and made a game that’s entertaining.

Do you want to try it out? follow this link and by the game.
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