Iron Man Challenge

With Legion being months away from release, and me just being bored in tanaan grinding Dailies. I started to wander on YouTube looking at some gameplay movies of world of warcraft.
When I stumbled upon the Lazy Peon youtube channel. He did something called the Iron Man challenge. At first I thought he was doing the Iron man achievement, which you can get in warsong gulch.

But no… this is something even more bad ass.

The people behind have created some of the hardest challenges to date: The iron man challenge, The Bloodthirsty challenge and the Pacifist challenge.

As I am new to this whole underworld of deadly challenges I picked the “easy” one. The Iron man challenge. The rules are simple and yet deadly.

  1. You can not die, simple as that. Be careful to not fall in the trap that some quests in world of warcraft require you to die.
  2. No potions/flasks or elixirs allowed. (also do not use a healthstone if you are not a lock)
  3. Your killing blow/total kills need to be higher then 50% (so no backseat killing allowed
  4. you cannot join a party or raid group
  5. Also do not enter any dungeons or raid at all.
  6. Do not participate in any battleground or arena.
  7. The use of professions is forbidden, with the exception of first aid
  8. You can not pick a specialization, talents or glyphs.
  9. No pet battles.
  10. No gear higher then white (This one is my favorite)
  11. You cannot boost your character
  12. No food or other external buffs allowed. (except those who are accustomed to your class or race.
  13. No refer-a-friend or other XP boosting activities, gear or buffs (Darkmoon Faire, Heirlooms, Garrison potions)
  14. No combat or leveling guide addons
  15. Do not use the heirloom mount before lvl 20

So I made a hunter called him Ironhunted and started the greatest challenge I ever faced in my 11 years of world of warcraft. To become the Iron Man.

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