Road to Fallout 4 : Steam problems

Tomorrow is the day we waited for for a long long time… while maybe not that long. 5 months really feels long.
And then finally Nuclear war, devastation and radioactive mutation. But some of you may experience the devastation of that is steam that is telling you to go suck it. I tried what every normal frustrated pc user does. Reinstall the piece of shit. BUT! When you want to reinstall steam it will tell you that Steam is already running. Paradoxxy!

Yes I am talking about the PC platform for games introduced by valve to make the world a place where people scream at their screen.

Atleast I did this Saturday when I tried to preload the game Fallout 4.
If you experience any problems like not loading at all without any form of error message. Then follow these steps.

First! Make sure you have made a full pot of coffee.No! Not the macchiato sprinkle express from starbucks. No beans that have been grinded by your own teeth, and has been returned by devil himself because it was to dark coffee.

Next go to your start button and select run! Windows 7 it is the search box when clicked upon. Windows 10 you must right click and select it in the drop down menu.

NEXT type MSconfig. Select under the tab start up. Diagnostic repair and click ok.
The pc will restart, take a sip of coffee and wrestle a rattle snake for its eggs. You will thank me later.

When the pc has started in diagnostic mode (a pimped safe mode) you will have no internet connection. Be happy because steamswebapp cant connect now and hold your pc hostage.

Go to you steam folder on your pc (the folder where you installed steam to) and delete everything… wait for it… except the steam.exe and steamapps folder.

Go to MSconfig again, select normal startup and click ok. Make eggs with rattle snake bacon and pour coffee in one of the egg shells.

Now in normal windows go to you steam folder and start steam.exe, it will automatically repair itself (skynet people)

This did it for me, and now I have these awesome rattlesnake neckties. Also I am fully preloaded for Fallout 4!
follow me on for some 0-minute action.

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