Road to Blizzcon

If you can remember my I hate Blizzard post. It wasn’t about hating the games. I just hated Blizzard for what they were becoming.
But then there was the announcement of Legion, everything was immediately forgiven for Legion seems like Blizzard got their groove back, and more importantly with the hints we received in the ever depressing interview with the lead content designer. We knew that HFC was the last raid for WoD, and 6.2 is the last major content patch.

That 6.2 patch was released over 5 months ago. Now they promise us that the game Legion will be release on or before 21-9-2016…. WTF

This is exactly the shit I hate from blizzard, they are all big talk with the :

  • “No more content patches as the next expac is right around the corner”
  • “From now on, one expansion every year”
  • “Legion is already in development, and its looking good!”
  • “WoD was more expensive because we have so much content in store for you guys”
  • “DevTime for WoD due to engine upgrades”
  • “Team is now bigger than EVER”
  • “We are scrapping content to concentrate on the new expansion”

Don’t get me wrong, if blizzard is back to their it is finished when it is finished motto, then all gamers can release a sigh of relief. But stop talking about like it is just around the corner when it clearly isn’t.
The only thing you will create is hate and irritation.

Back to the good part, it seems that when pre-ordering the xpac. you get 7 days early access to the Demon Hunter.  That is the only positive thing in this leak.

2 thoughts on “Road to Blizzcon”

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    1. If you have place for a dutch guy, covering games and maybe some movies. Then you have my attention. I will of course still be writing for my own site.


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