Day B : Star wars battlefront beta

As this is a beta and all, and the game is still in development I will be mild in my concerns.

If you had a Nvidia card like myself you may have some problems with the game using your graphics card. As in it completely ignored it.
Making the game impossible to play. Found no help on this whatsoever on the clusterfuck of topics that is the new EA technical support site.
I found this site to be helpful, but what really helped fixing my problem was downloading the “game ready” driver from Nvidia. Don’t bother looking for it on the site, that will be a nightmare. Just download Geforce experience and install it from there.

Now my game is working, first game mode/map is Tatooine, at least I think it is, can’t really say that it looks anything like Tatooine. By the way, by the look of things it seems that the game mode is linked on the map. That is for me complete bonkers. If you want to play on Hoth, but you don’t want to play the slow at-at battle mode. You can not play on Hoth. And vice-verse if you find one particular game mode to be to your liking. Well get used to the environment because that will be the only thing you will play in. (this is of course all based on what I saw in the beta build).

There are no classes, only troopers or rebels, when you level you gain access to new weapons, which you can buy with earned credits.
These cards so the speak are meant to give the players some flavor. It all ends up of course in one particular strong build. Everybody will use that build and then you will have just some clones running around… wait a minute?

Apart from the cards you can acquire through the level system, there are also powerups lying around on the battlefield. All from bazookas, grenades, shields to AT-ST (you know the big metal ostrich with a weakness for tree logs) X-wings and tie fighters.
Also among these powerups there is the ability to change yourself into a Star Wars key figure. On the Hoth map that was either Luke Skywalker for the rebels, and Darth Vader on the empire side.
These characters have more health, can run faster and jump higher.
And also come with a variety of force skills. The only thing I found annoying is that when you find this hero card and want to use it in a situation where you really need it, it will give you on intro movie and places the character on the other side of the map…. great! On Hoth that means out in the open with your lightsaber attracting all the attention to yourself. A Jedi is one strong motherfucker, but the blaster fire of a couple of tie fighters and a AT-AT is to much to handle.

I have played for 3 hours, in the end the audio started glitching again, making the game unplayable. With every glitch the games stops for a second. And it makes you feel your characters runs through some kind of thick malaise. Hopefully the new drivers are available.
So I can retry tonight.

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