All I want for Christmas : E3 2015 Wishlist. “H”

All I want for Christmas : E3 2015 continues with the letter H as in Heaven and Horrendous .

Homefront: The Revolution

Say what you want about the original Homefront, but they had a entertaining multiplayer.
It’s too bad the servers sucked red hot balls. The single player was a joke 3 hours of warfare… oh my god imagine if that happens in real life, then you are home in time for supper.
So if this game has a longer singleplayer and a smoother server system for the multiplayer, and that multiplayer is still as entertaining as the original Homefront. Then I am game!

Horizon Zero dawn

Do you remember that episode of futurama, where the professor doesn’t wants to live on this planet anymore.
Goes into space looking for a desolate place, and starts by mistake a robot evolutionary race.
Then Horizon Zero dawn is the game for you. Big’ol robotic dinosaurs which you can hunt. And even the main character has the same hair color as Fry.

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