All I want for Christmas : E3 2015 Wishlist. “F”


All I want for Christmas : E3 2015 continues with the letter F as in Fun and Fornication.

Fallout 4

If I need to explain why Fallout 4 is the game not only I want to play, but even want you to play, then you must have lived in a vault or something these last 7 years.

Fallout shelter

Shouldn’t be on the list because it is a mobile game and I despise that, but for this one I make an exception. It looks like the cartoonish version of Fallout, but don’t let the drawing style fool you. ┬áIt’s more of an experiment than a game. You will witness some of the messed up things humanity can cause in a locked down space.

Final Fantasy VII

Oh my God yes, after the rick rolling announcement of square’s greatest RPG to date a couple of years back. They finally realized that a remake of there greatest feat is what will save the company.
I can not wait for this game to be released. Please don’t suck.

For honor

The shit is on in this first person perspective of what seems to be a Total War kind of siege battle… that’s it.
You don’t need to know anything more than that sentence. And if that is not enough then too bad, because this trailer and the premise is the only thing I know so far.
It can’t fail, only Ubisoft can.

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