All I want for Christmas : E3 2015 Wishlist. “D”


All I want for Christmas : E3 2015 continues with the letter D as in Dreamy and Dreadfull

Dark souls 3

A game where it is a challenge to stay alive. The only reason I want this, is the fact that it is considered an achievement to beat these games. This is where the men separate themselves from the boys.

Deus Ex: Mankind divided

Always loved the Deus Ex series, with the exception of the terrible clusterfuck that was Human revolution. The decision to include boss battles in a game that wasn’t asking for any, is beyond my logic.
So, mankind divided, consider yourself warned. Please… PLEASE be awesome.

Dishonored 2

Dishonered is one of those games I bought on a whim during the summersale of steam. I played it for merely an hour and I was hooked. Overall Dishonered has been a underrated game. It hasn’t got the success it deserves, and I hope it all changes with Dishonered 2. From the looks of it, things are going to be good.

The Division

Two years ago we were so excited for Ubisoft’s upcoming MMO FPS. This year we were… confused. What happened to all those promises? Premature gamejackulation perhaps? Second screen… gone, crispy graphics… gone, all signs of a game that’s not going to deliver. But, I still have some hopes it’s the next-gen game that Destiny promised us to be. So I can’t wait to try this with my buddies even though I’m a bit more sceptical than first.

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