Soon new updates!

My god people, these last months have been a roller coaster of events, first Nelth got his own place.
Therefor he couldn’t post that many blogs, you might have noticed this.  Then he had to wait 6 weeks for his internet to be connected.

But now he is up and running, no more excuses!

Second i am the proud owner of three new pets,
Yoga, Ying and Yang,

Yoga is a 10 weeks old American bulldog, and she is eating attention by the pound.
Ying and Yang are 10 weeks old kittens, already the new queens of the household. These new bastards have had my full and undivided attention for over three weeks now.
But the inspiration for new blogs is everlasting!

A 10 things i hate about you : Blizzard is on its way, a piece about Blizzard entertainment, how it came to rise. Why it was my favorite company for almost 2 decades, and why I have to let it go.

A manatee tank about crafting in mmo’s in general. How would we do it. A discussion about a game system often neglected or too difficult to get in too.

Day z about Batman Arkham knight, what did i think of this game after the first day of playing.

28 days later the witcher 3 : wild hunt, finished the game, now I will tell you how I feel about it after all those weeks, is it still this fresh after a while?

All of this coming soon.

We also have a few long term projects running, we have been fiddling around with the possibility to stream videos of our endeavors into gaming. And a few Ideas for shows have come to mind.

All of them including beer and swearing… sorry for that.

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