All I want for Christmas : E3 2015 Wishlist. “B”


Three more for the wishlist!. Now covering the letter B.
as in Beautifull and Bonkers.

Batman Arkham Knight

Oh Boy! Just one week away.
I am really stoked about this one, finally Gotham will be playable in this critically praised series. This game looks really really good, from the overall atmosphere to the raindrops on his suit. This game will keep me entertained for quite a while.
Introducing a brand new villain: The Arkham Knight.
And! Batmobile!! Combat looks great as always, and just the footage of the caped crusader roaming Gotham’s skies is breathtaking.


Huge top-down adventure is mixing the Legend of Zelda with Dark Souls. Expect a lot of ruupies and death. This is that game that is just so different and mysterious, that I want to try it.


Out now, 80s action movie inspired pixel orgy of bullets and death.
Sounds like a game I could play with my little niece.

3 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas : E3 2015 Wishlist. “B””

  1. Did you change the layout of the site? Looks great. But hahah holy moses you are not only doing an E3 wishlist but you loved so much you’re going alphabetical??? I love it. I have (don’t crucify me) never been a real fan of the Arkham games but I understand everyones excitement.

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