All I want for Christmas : E3 2015 Wishlist. “A”

E3 2015 is still going on strong, and already some of these games are making my heart beat faster.  Welcome to the first of many “All I want for christmas”.

This year’s E3  is filled to the brim with games. Some I like, most I don’t.
This wishlist has some of the triple A games, but mostly Indie games.
These are the games that on first sight, had that something extra. Whether it is something I have been looking forward too for several years, or something that is new and crisp. I only know I want it.



You remember the movie Gravity? Me neither.  And it is best to keep it that way. Adr1ft uses the same setting. Only a little different.
For starters you have amnesia,wake up in the middle of space, floating near a what appears abandoned space station. How is that for a hangover. One moment you hitting on girls at pLace, next moment you are in space.

The trailer depicts that somehow you have to find out what happens, while staying alive looking for canisters of oxygen.
imagine playing this with the oculus rift.

Anno 2205

Somehow in the course of history I never noticed bluebyte is behind the ANNO series. Bluebyte is the mastermind behind my favorite RTS Series of all time. The Settlers. Finding this out is shame and joy packed in the same present. And I had my fair share of fantasy/medievil RTS games. I want Sci-fi bad. The trailer looks awesome. Not giving as much on gameplay though, either way it sparked my interest.

Ark: Survival evolved

A MMO involving Dino’s , running around as a naked man, punching trees.
Enough said.

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