Day Z – Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat!!!!!! In true 90s hardcore trance style voice. 
Welcome to the DAY Z review of Mortal Kombat X.

When the first Mortal Kombat came out all the way back in 1992 my old folks made sure I did not play that game at all. Internet wasn’t a thing. All I had were the articles in Nintendo power, a couple of screens and hearsay from friends who had friends we were friends with kids who saw the game while playing at a friends house. It was an obscure game; A myth.
The closest arcade was a couple of miles away, and arcades were not a big thing in the Netherlands anyway.

Sequence 01.Still003

But it was in an arcade that I saw this game for the first time.

Holy bloody fuck. I must have been standing there for hours watching the continued looping demo of the game (did not have money to play it), or I just watched the person playing it. It was gritty, life like, such a different experience than Street Fighter 2 Turbo. Street Fighter 2 Turbo was the go to fighting game in my youth, and then i saw the fatality… What the fuck just happened…. the guy behind the arcade machine started to molest the joystick and a whole bunch of buttons like he was experiencing some kind of stroke, and on-screen the blue ninja ripped out the skull and spine out of his opponent. H-o-l-y FUCK. That was my first thought, I couldn’t believe my eyes. This was unheard of at the time. No other game did this.

Fast forward 23 years later… and a shitload of crappy Mortal Kombat games further, they made the brilliant conclusion to leave the 3D fighter behind them, because 3D does not work in a fighting game.

Sequence 01.Still008
Love this screen

And so we meet Mortal Kombat X.

A direct sequel to the 2009 game MK9, so it is a continuation of the story in MK9. Now for stories in fighting games I do not expect a Shakespeare love drama, it is most of the time just a cut scene to go from your last fight to your next fight. BUT in most games it is the personal story of the fighter you picked. In this game you follow a massive story which includes every character. This was a surprise for me in MK9 and I was wondering how they would follow-up on this in MKX.

Pretty much the same I guess, small adjustments were made like they included QTE (quick time events). A system introduced in Space ace (as far I can look back) where in you see a movie on your screen and somewhere in that movie you must pick a button to press and so our story continues. A bit like you are in a room with 2 doors.If you open the left door go to page 32.

Sequence 01.Still002
Scorpion.. Dentist extraordinaire

Well that system but then with console buttons. Perfected by God of War, but not invented by God of War let that be clear. Which is funny but completely useless in MKX as in I can succeed every button press but I don’t have an advantage in the next fight… and that is lame.

Back to the story, it introduces you to the old fighters. Johnny cage, Sub zero, Scorpion and so on and on. But also to some brand new characters like Cassie cage, and Jacqui Briggs or Ferra/tor and Kothal Kahn. If those two first names sound familiar that is because Cassie Cage is the daughter of Johnny Cage and wait for it Sonya Blade. But Johnny Cage and Sonya aren’t on speaking terms anymore. As for Jax the father of Jacqui he has secluded himself to work in his shed back at the countryside, and then you realize that you are watching a very bad soap opera.

Sequence 01.Still011
That’s the spot

Fuck you guys, this is Mortal Kombat don’t try to humanize these characters… they are immortal fighters. You beat the shit out of them then kill them at the end of the match with a fatality. That is the premise of this game, try find a story around that instead of Johnny Cage screaming and almost crying to Sonya “Well there was a time that family was more important to you than your work” I shit you not, that line is in the game…

At least the story mode is good for grinding a lot of Koins ( yep they use that letter K in every word with a c). These koins let you explore the Krypt (told you), and the krypt lets you unlock new fatalities, brutalities, concept art, music, character models. The whole shebang.

Sequence 01.Still009
Falcon punch

After the story you can start beating the towers, you have Klassic towers; which follow the traditional 10 opponents to beat the game. Living towers; these are changing all the time, endless towers; Endless stream of assholes trying to murder you and they will. And Faction towers; Yes In this game you can choose a faction.

You and other players will then join in an online war in winning the most matches and/or dragon soul challenges, these challenges are little quests you have to complete like : do not block the entire fight; or try not to jump. If you win a war you get a shitload of Koins.

The only thing in this game that is annoying the shit out of me are the Test your might sections of these faction towers.

Sequence 01.Still013
I did that… that was me

Try to imagine you just beat the last 3 opponents easy, all flawless.

Then you are presented with the test your might stage. Where you, the bad ass fighter are supposed to break a stone by punching your controller to a pulp. While punching your controller until your fingers bleed, you will see, if you still can see, by the level of frustration you are at. That on the screen a larger circle is moving towards the smaller circle. I thought at first that if I reach that little one the stage is over.

Well of course not that would have been a fun challenge. Instead you have to rage punch those buttons like an aggressive Parkinson patient. Mashing buttons like crazy all at the same time. And if you fail you will be killed on-screen. And that happens over and over again… Why did they do this.

Sequence 01.Still005
Good things are coming next

What were they thinking. This is the programmers version of a Kombo breaker. They have done everything so well (except story) in this game. And then they give you this completely useless mini game, which has no purpose of being here in the first place. It leaves me baffled and confused. Why? Test your might really shows that the programmers are a bunch of lazy sarcastic fucks. What good is that paid DLC to get Jason Voorhees if you he can’t beat that rock punching game.

Apart from that, MKX should be of course played with friends in a tournament. Something me and Nelth are planning. So stay tuned.

Sequence 01.Still012
Heads up

In the next piece I will try to talk a little about the fatalities and brutalities. I first have to unlock those :).



3 thoughts on “Day Z – Mortal Kombat”

  1. Nice write up! I am definitely considering getting this… I didn’t know about the story arc or the QTE (which I am actually a fan of) so this gives me even more reason!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the comment. And don’t get me wrong MK10 is a really good fighting game, got a good flow. The story on the other hand, they should have stayed close to home. Instead they tried to put in some emotion.. and that didn’t work.

      Liked by 1 person

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