Why this blog?

So all you three readers may wonder, cool blog guys, but what’s all this about?

What are those strange names like Day-Z? And what the flying saucer is the manatee tank? So here’s a small explainer of our ideas. But first, let’s start with a little bit about our motivation to start Questb!og in the first place.

 We love games, it’s as simple as that. We’ve spent countless days playing them. And when we don’t play them, we talk about them. Over the course of playing for so many years we’ve developed a specific taste and opinion, and now we like to share these with the rest of the world. If we spent so much time on them why not even more and start a blog, right?

There’s also this feeling that current day reviews of games don’t always do justice to a game. It’s not that we think we could review better then all these professionals out there. No, it’s because of how a game works. For a lot of games, especially those in the really popular MMO and RPG genre, you just can’t play them for a few days, or even a week, and really know if it’s good. The first week could be awesome (and a lot of reviews are based around this first week) but those games are meant for you to be still playing them months or maybe even a year later. It also works the other way around: you could really hate a game to pieces the first few hours but after a second or third try it could really grow on you. A blog is ideal for these kind of experiences. We’ll write about a game when we’ve just started, a week or two later, and a month later, or maybe even 6 months later depending on the game. In this way we believe you get a more complete coverage of a game. Do we like it at the start? After a good look, is it still as good? And, do we still play it a month later or have we completely forgotten about it? That’s why we made those categories, and yes, we’ve named them after movies because we like those to! You can also expect us to write about things we really hate or why we’ve returned to a game that launched years ago.

But this blog isn’t only about playing games, it’s also our way of voicing our ideas. You know those moments when you think: ‘this should be a game!’ That’s what the manatee tank is for. Remember the Cartoon Wars episodes from South Park? Apparently Family Guy episodes are made by manatees who pick up “idea balls” from a big pile, put them in a machine and an episode is created. Well, we’ve got piles of “idea balls” related to gaming and sometimes if you put a few together you can make a really fun blog post. Some ideas are just a thought but some have hours of thinking spend on it.

In the future we’ll try to do some more video stuff, Silrev is already practicing his editing skills like crazy, and maybe even a session on Twitch! We hope to develop this blog so that it feels like a place that’s alive. You would know when and where we play our games and how our opinion of it develops, and maybe we could have a discussion or two.

So, thanks for reading and we hope to see you around in our comment section!

2 thoughts on “Why this blog?”

    1. You my dear sir, I like you to congratulate you with the first and only comment on our site ever! Remember this day as the day your life changed for the better.

      We hope to make you have a good chuckle now and then with our articles. And more importantly share our vision of games and why I hate most of them… (Nelth is the more positive guy).

      Not hating your blog though. Must be the overdose of pixels.

      Liked by 1 person

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