Day Z – Mercenary kings

Welcome to pixel goodness!!!
This is the Dayz review of… Mercenary kings

I started to play games when I was 8 years old. My grandpa bought me the Nintendo entertainment system or NES is what we called it. Super Mario Bros and Duck hunt where my first to games.

Where Duck hunt is really an arcade game as in single screen and shoot as many bird as possible.
Super Mario Bros was an adventure in some sort of LSD powered world. Walking mushrooms with giant faces, and bloodthirsty reptiles, a princess in need or that was what the funny toadman (which didn’t resemble a toad in any way) told me. I never did understand the message he was trying to give me. I was 8, no hablo English.

With the years I got more games, Mega Man 2 and Castlevania were my favorites. Mega man was packed with action and cartoony graphics. Castlevania gave you a feeling of semi freedom. You could walk freely through the levels if you wanted to.Sequence 01.Still005

I left to 8-bit era behind me with warm feelings and let the awesomeness of the 16 bit era embrace me. The transition from 8-bit to 16-bit is still the biggest change for me to this date.  I consider the 16-bit generations of games the best ever. Back then a lot of groundwork for all the games you play today was established.

Mercenary Kings made by the team responsible for Scott pilgrim vs the world. Is sharing that same enthusiastic feeling for 16-bit and 8-bit era of games.
It is chock full  little references to the games forgotten by history.

But on  funny references alone a game could not survive.
Mercenary kings can be described as a Metal Slug inspired game.
It is a bit of a platformer but minus the mind-boggling and nail devouring rage of Ori.
Filled to the brim with  guns and ammo shooting everything in sight, with everything available. And that can be rewarding because the enemies are dying with grace.. but mostly by heads exploding and aMercenary.Still004 lot of blood.
You start at your base camp in the game with a few tents / shops. You have a general that will have a selection of missions appropriate for your rank . These missions can be anything from free hostages to acquire some materials and from kill 8 snipers to kill 1 giant metal suit.

Then you depart by helicopter to the battlefield, and once there…
you have to figure out what the fuck you should do. cause the map wont tell you crap. Just like the old-school retro games! oh joy! Where the hell you should go? one can only go so many ways in a side scrolling shooter. but Mercenary kings most of the time does have huge maps filled with shit that wants to kill you.
You can go into buildings and end up onto a different part of the map. When you go outside again all the freaking enemies are back.
It is even worse than that, most of the time they re-spawn when ever you leave that screen behind for 3 seconds. So you are constantly unaware what is lurking around near the edge of your screen like a 16-bit Bloodborne.  To make matters even worse is that you cannot look down, so you know you have to jump down at one moment but you cannot even look down a little bit, so where will you land? on a pillow? or that weird metal snail that is shooting blue goo. I jumped down on to many shit this way.

Mercenary kings 3But apart from that, which is I think something you can get used to if you set you mind to it. It is a funny game.
Great customization for your firearms, you can build your gun just the way you want it.
You only need to acquire the materials. This grinding is really necessary in the beginning of the game to get everything going. Which may be a bit tough to get through.
When you have built you first semi-automatic acid shooting shotgun things are starting to lighten up… literaly

While this game has online capabilities, I didn’t come around to try Mercenary kings 1this. It has a couch coop mode. But it is carried rather poorly.
What they did is implement split screens, “nothing wrong with that” you say. No normally that is something I would applaud. But they split the screen in 4 little screens. Even it you are playing with 2 players. So if you want to play this game with your buddy or girl. Get ready to squint you eyes all night like staring into a solar eclipse. To bypass this you have to sit 3 inches away from the TV… HEY just like in the old days. Well I’ll be damned..

Hope you enjoyed my Day Z review of Mercenary kings, Be sure to like us on facebook, and follow us on twitter.

See you guys back in the hangover.

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