Day Z – Cities: Skylines

Welcome to this first Day Z review of our blog. I just picked up Cities: Skylines and I’m excited to tell you all about that new game smell and feel

I don’t remember how old I was when I first played the mother of all city builder games: Sim City. Where Sim City was the start of a legacy, it wasn’t until Sim City 2000 when I started playing it.

2015-03-19_00005Holy shit I loved that game, I put hours and hours in that virtual city. Too bad I didn’t play it like the way it was meant to be played. My main goal was to build as much as possible in the shortest amount of time, take all the loans that were available and then destroy the city with everything I could throw against it: fire, tornado’s, earthquakes and giant walking metal eyeballs. I didn’t care for the economy or if my people weren’t pooping in the town’s water supply, to build and destruct was my credo. Since Sim City 2000 I haven’t had this kind of fun in a sim game for a long time. With every new version of sim city (3000, 4 and 5) the fun declined. it just wasn’t the same. Me getting older wasn’t helping neither. I don’t want to destroy my creation anymore, I want to see it thrive. And sim city couldn’t give me that experience. That and the fact that EA made it a goal to make the game virtual unplayable. So that was it. No more sim games for me. Untill I bumped into Cities: Skylines. A sim city clone… with great reviews.

OK you have my attention “game”. I Slapped €20,- on the virtual counter and got my hands dirty.2015-03-19_00013

You start with a slab of land and some trees near a river, no houses of course, so lets start the building. There are three types of areas you can build, much like sim city you have the residential area (green), shopping/commercial area (blue) and at last the industrial area(orange). Three bars at the bottom of the screen show the demand of those area’s. The first thing that strikes me as different is the fact you can only mark those areas near a road. So I start by putting some roads intersected by one another and marked the areas green, planted a windmill for electricity and a water tower for water (duh). Then I watched the buildings rise up from the ground and people started moving into my city. You can click on these people, they have names, a place to live, work, means of transportation and sometimes even pets. 2015-03-19_00011These aren’t nameless bodies under the rubble! These are real people (well not really) and I care for them. So when one of my people wasn’t happy with the industrial presence in his town I removed it all and placed it several miles outside the city. Now only accessible by the highway I build. And then it struck me… I was actually having fun maintaining a city. The game has me making care for it and I love it. It’s easy to get into. It follows a leveling experience and with each level, or milestone is what they are calling it, you gain access to more buildings or types of buildings like a fire department, landfill, police station, medical clinics and with every tier comes great responsibility and therefore difficulty. Is it a game I will play everyday? Probably not. But for now it is the perfect game for now and then when I need to sit back and relax and watch life go by. I’ll see you guys back when I’m a few days along and got some more experiences to share.

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